Stephanie ClarkeStephanie Clarke
Kendall Hall, Room 216
Stephanie.Clarke@unh.edu, (603) 862-4010

Ethics and leadership in health care
Timothy Montminy

Timothy Montminy
Rudman Hall, Room 283
timothy.montminy@unh.edu, (603) 862-5175

Pathogenic and Molecular Microbiology

Michelle Fleetwood Michelle Fleetwood
Kendall Hall, Room 313
michelle.fleetwood@unh.edu, (603) 862-3535

Veterinary pathology - focus on small animal, marine mammal and wildlife species

Thomas Pistole
Rudman Hall, Room 279
thomas.pistole@unh.edu, (603) 862-0111

Host Defenses Against Salmonella typhimurium

Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster
Rudman Hall, Room 291
jeff.foster@unh.edu, (603) 862-5359

Disease ecology, pathogen genomics, avian ecology

Inga SidorInga Sidor
Kendall Hall, Room 321
inga.sidor@unh.edu, (603) 862-2726

Veterinary pathology with a focus on nondomestic, aquatic and wildlife species
tom foxall Tom Foxall
Kendall Hall, Room 519
tf@unh.edu, (603) 862-2354

Role of diabetes in the development and progression of atherosclerosis

Stacia Sower

Stacia Sower
Rudman Hall, Room 316
stacia.sower@unh.edu, (603) 862-2103

Molecular and biochemical neuroendocrinology
Katherine Lockwood

Mary Katherine Lockwood
Spaulding, Room 260
, (603) 862-0264

Effect of micronutrients on diabetic complications of the vasculature; role of EMS in public health response to mass casualty and epidermic

joyce stone

Joyce Stone
Kendall Hall, Room 217
, (603) 862-0656

Hematology/phlebotomy; coagulation and serology

margolin Aaron Margolin
Rudman Hall, Room 204
, (603) 862-0211

Public Health and Waterborne Diseases
sullivan Elise Sullivan
Rudman Hall, Room 285
, (603) 862-2252

Clinical microbiology
davida margolian

Davida Margolian
Rudman Hall, Room 235
davida.margolian@gmail.com, (603) 862-0810


David Townson
Kendall Hall, Room 509
dave.townson@unh.edu, (603) 862-3475

Ovarian and environmental influences on embryonic/fetal mortality in ruminants; immune system in ovarian function
marone Adele Marone
MLS Program Director and Biomedical Science  Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Kendall Hall, Room 210
, (603) 862-1376

Immunohematology and transfusion medicine; body fluid analysis
paul tsang Paul Tsang
Kendall Hall, Room 207
, (603) 862-3479

Female reproductive physiology; corpus luteum and follicle function; steroid hormones and growth factors; angiogenesis and metalloproteinases
Shannon Martinson

Shannon Martinson
Kendall Hall, Room 317
shannon.martinson@unh.edu, (603) 862-0057

Diagnostic veterinary pathology with a focus on food and companion animal species and reptiles



Faculty Emeriti

frank rodgers

Frank Rodgers